Burger flavored beer is here

Burgers and beers are probably two of the most loved food items in the world. While we are known to have them together, ever wondered how it would feel if we ate something that is a combination of these two?

Well, wonder no more. Restaurant chain called Red Robin are all set to come up with a beer named “Red Robin’s Pineapple Ale” which is supposed to taste like actual burgers.

The beer will taste like Banzai Burger which is a specialty at Red Robin. It will be brewed in association with New Belgium Brewing Company and will contain molasses, pine apple, apple smoked malt along with a string of other ingredients.

More to come from Red Robin

It will only be available in limited Red Robin restaurants but the founders suggest that it will be made available on all the restaurants if it manages to be a popular choice.

“If it turns out that the consumers love having their burger and drinking it too there’s always the possibility of “crafting” another innovation in the future,” said a company statement.

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