Reasons why you should eat more street food

Street food is perhaps something that makes most foodies cringe. But at the same time, there is a major portion that loves to indulge in the experience that street foods could give. For the former category, concerns such as cleanliness and safety might be the only concerns. But if we keep this apart, there are many reasons why you could eat more street food.

1: Fresh ingredients

Yes, cleanliness is indeed a concerned as mentioned earlier. But in comparison to most of the big restaurants, the ingredients used in street foods tend to be fresher. This is because street food vendors work on a day to day basis. They make food right in front of us and the ingredients happen to come in a similar manner. If we close our eyes to certain factors, this is a positive.

2: The price

This is perhaps the biggest attraction for more foodies. While we spend big bucks on branded restaurants, street food can fill your stomach without burning a hole in the pocket. This is especially a plus for travellers and students who will most probably be on budgets.

3: The experience

Nothing can replace the experience of eating street food. Hanging out with friends and enjoying while eating is an experience worth living. It is bound to give memories that last for a lifetime and such memories would be hard to find in air-conditioned restaurants.

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