Indian restaurant offering free food for the homeless

Byblos, a Lebanese restaurant in Bangalore, India has decided to share the joy of eating with the homeless people in the city by offering free food for them.

The head chef of the restaurant, Ammar Molki has come up with the idea of keeping the surplus food from the kitchen in a fridge outside the restaurant. The campaign from the restaurant is aptly titled ‘Fridge of Kindness’ and the food items would be available from noon to midnight till the restaurant closes.

Ammar Molki, the man behind the campaign

“In the end, we are human beings, we should help each other, we shouldn’t always say the government should do that, the government should help. We should do something from our side. In the end, when you do good work, you will get good,” Molki said to the media.

Some customers are even buying food and keeping it in the refrigerator to do their part in the campaign and help the poor.

India currently tops the World Hunger List from the United Nations’ State of Food In security. Doing such campaigns around the country would clearly make a big difference on the longer run.

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