Here is what we will be eating in 2017

2016 is almost in the book. We have seen some interesting food trends over the past twelve months and 2017 will be no different.

According to the latest report published in United Kingdom, there are certain food items which would be popular in 2017. And some of them are good enough to raise an eye brow or two.

Camel Milk

One of the most weird entries in the list, Camel Milk reportedly is richer than cow milk. It is said to have more niacin, iron and vitamin c while also having same amount of protein and calcium as in Cow’s milk. It is also useful to people insulin dependent diabetes.

Vegetable Yogurt

Vegetable Yogurt is slowly gaining popularity in the food world due to the lesser amount of sugar it has. Compared to Fruit Yogurts, the vegetable yogurts hold half the amount of sugar. It also comes in different flavors such as carrot, sweet potato and many others.


Farro comes with rich amount of fibre, protein, zinc and magnesium. This makes it ideal for salads as the healthy factor is high. It also has a rich nutty flavor so as to please the taste buds.

Mustard greens

Mustard green is a leaf obtained from the mustard plant. It is crispy and packed with Vitamins. The species which they come under are proven to have anti-cancer properties. They are also good in reducing cholesterol.

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