Top 5 Twitter Food trends of 2016

2016 comes to a close in a matter of day. It has been a great year for foodies and this reflected on social media as well. Twitter and Instagram was flooded with posts about food in the last twelve months. The urge to share food stories with everyone is what apparently resulted in the influx of food posts on Social media.

According to Twitter, certain hash tags garnered some massive popularity. Below are the top ten food trends that made rounds on Twitter this year.

5: #Pizza

Pizza has been and is still one of the most popular food items out there. Having a place in the top Twitter trends cements this factor.

4: #Wine

Wine was another hero in the food tweets this past year. There were so many tweets about wine that it managed to get a spot in the rankings above Pizza.

3: #Vegan

The obsession that foodies have for healthy food might be the reason why Vegan makes it into the list. The popularity has shown a huge improvement in 2016 and trend might continue next year.

2: #Coffee

The popularity of Coffee is showing no signs of slowing down. It comes in second in the Twitter trends and received millions of hashtags over the last twelve months.

1: #Lemonade

Surprisingly, it’s Lemonade that tops the list. For some reason, it was the most hashtagged food item on Twitter this year. Probably Beyoncé dropping an album named after it did the trick.

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