Here is the story of Phil Duncan who travel around the world to eat pizza

Almost everyone out there has a love for Pizza. It’s one of the most loved food items out there and there are a lot of factors contributing to this. Phil Duncan has managed to take this love for Pizza to an entirely different level.

He is travelling the world to eat as many pizza slices as possible.

“At the same time Instagram was getting big, I was traveling a lot more often on longer trips. So automatically I would upload general travel pics. I noticed that my friends were liking my pizza photos a lot more than just general pics as they knew my love for pizza. So I just continued to showcase all the pizza I was eating in all the countries I have been to.” He said.

Duncan is a pretty active campaigner on Instagram and posts pictures from his pizza adventures. He notes that he has been a lover of Pizza since his childhood and the affordability of the dish is what helps him a lot.

“Pizza is just a simple and cheap meal which is absolutely everywhere. When I first started spending more time in obscure countries or cities, I thought it was funny that you could always find pizza. Everywhere has its own little spin on what they think is good pizza and the variations are what make [it] fun to try new slices.” He adds.

You can check out his Instagram account here.

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