You can keep the Holiday food safe by following these pointers

The consumption of food is high when it comes to holiday season. Most of the celebrations that we have happen around food and this is why it’s important to keep the food safe.

The U.S Department of Food Safety and Inspection has released the following tips that you could use in the upcoming holiday season.

Transporting your food:

  • It’s all about temperature
  • If dish is hot: pack in insulated container
  • If dish is cold: use a cooler with ice or freezer packs

Serving your food:

  • Keep foods out of the “danger zone”
  • Use chaffing dishes, warming trays or slow cookers to keep food warm
  • Put cold dishes in ice or use a smaller serving tray and refill from refrigerator when necessary

Dealing with leftovers:

  • Throw out food that’s been left out for over 2 hours
  • Immediately refrigerate remaining leftovers

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