Do you know what makes up the diet of David Beckham?

David Beckham is perhaps one of those celebrities out there that barely have haters. At the age of 41, Beckham is still fit as the youngsters out there and has a physique that many would dream of.

At some point or the other, you might’ve wondered what his diet consisted off. Well, look no further.

Beckham is known to boast a diet which has no fatty foods. Instead, it’s lean proteins that constitute a big part of his plate. The lean proteins are attained from food items like chicken and leafy vegetables . The carbs, which are used as a replacement for energy production in the absence of fats, are gained from other vegetables like spinach, and cauliflower.

But his diet is not entirely fat free, the required fat for his body is gained from olive oil and yogurt so that it allows him to maintain weight. He also has a habit of eating snacks numerous times with nuts being a rumored snack item.

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