Ate something spicy? Try these food items

Getting our mouth hot after gulping some spicy food is a common occurrence. Often, we underestimate the spiciness that certain food items carry and end up burning the taste buds.

Next time you eat something spicy; try having the following food items.

Dairy: A sip of cold milk could do wonders if you have eaten spicy food. Yogurt works as well and reduces the burning sensation.

Honey: Honey might not be a surprise entry in this list. The sweetness it brings is not the only reason. Honey is also capable of absorbing components that cause the burning sensation in the first place.

Tomatoes: The acidity of the spice could get neutralized by the alkali present in tomatoes. This is basic science. Lemon juice has similar properties as well.

Rice or Bread: Starch has the capability of being a barrier between the burning capsaicin and mouth and helps reduce the irritation.

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