Lucky food traditions for New Year

The New Year is just around the corner and it’s important that we start it on the right note. If you are a foodie and if you believe in the concept of luck, then we’ve got some lucky food traditions that you could try out.

  • Eat 12 grapes – The Spanish and Portuguese follow this tradition so as to indicate the twelve months of a year. This should be done at midnight.
  • Smash Pomegranate on floor – The Greeks have a tradition of smashing pomegranate on the floor in front of the door. The seeds will symbolize good fortune.
  • Eat something ring shaped – This tradition is followed to celebrate the year coming full circle.
  • Eat Pork – Pork is considered to be a lucky lunch in certain countries like Cuba and Hungary.
  • Noodles – Noodles represent long life in Japan and eating them without breaking is the trick.

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