Food items that you can give your dog

Giving your dog a bite of your meal is something that we do often. But not all food items could be good for your pet. Below are some food items that you could give to your dogs.

1: Liver – Liver is a good source of vitamins but feeding it in excess can cause problems.

2: Oatmeal – Oatmeal helps to improve digestion both in humans and animals. They are rich in fiber as well.

3: Salmon – The presence of Omega – 3s and natural fat in salmon makes it a good food for your dog.

4: Carrots – Carrots have essential vitamins that the dog’s body could use and with so much to bite, he or she would love to play with it as well.

5: Peas – Potassium and phosphorous are essential for dog’s health and peas provide both.

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