WATCH: Top 10 Foods that are still great cold

Some food items are horrible when you have kept them in the fridge for some time. Whereas, some other food items taste best under such situation. The video below takes a look at some of the food items which could be categorized as best left over foods.

Crickets are part of the products in this food company

Bugeater Foods, a startup which works from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus has incorporated crickets into their food products. Ground to powder, these crickets are being used as key ingredient in the new pasta and rice products which are being produced. The idea is to make the food taste good and in turn help the…

This Children’s Food Delivery Service is perfect for busy parents

In the fast moving world, it’s understandable if one does not have enough time for the most valuable things in life. For certain parents out there, making sure that their children are eating proper food would be one such headache. The new delivery service of Regina Reale, named Nurturie, aims to help such busy parents….

Pets at Home has recalled its cat food products

Pets At Home has made a huge recall off their cat food items after many cats exhibited symptoms of fitting, widespread twitching and general unsteadiness. The reason for the effect has been recognized as the reduced level of thiamine in the food. The customers will get their full refund and an investigation has been set…

Prawns and Lamb Chops could become cheaper in UK, here’s why

The Brexit Campaign group has promised that the price of New Zealand Lamb Cops and Thailand Prawns will go down once Britain is out of the European Union. There have been concerns about the rising food prices but apparently, the Lamb Chops would cost around £1.45 (€1.70) less whereas Prawns would be 42 cent cheaper….

WATCH: 10 Best Smelling foods on Earth

Taste might be the primary factor that attracts people to food. But if it’s a new food item, we rely mainly on the other senses. One major sense among this list is smell. The video below takes a look at some of the best smelling food items out there.

This college is under fire for serving ‘Culturally insensitive’ food

The Pembroke College in Cambridge is currently under fire for serving exotic food items with ‘unauthentic ingredients’ . Cultural misrepresentations of meals were accused and a review is set to take place to check whether the accusation is authentic or not. Students of the college raised the complaint against the actions and one of the…

EWG has come up with a cancer fighting food diet calculator

Practicing a healthy diet could be the best defence against Cancer. The Environment Working Group, based on this principle has come up with new Cancer defence diet. The design of the diet makes use of already existing research data and is designed to help people consume more cancer-fighting food. “The real strong evidence for reducing…

This Banana campaign aims to increase food recycling rate

A campaign which features giant bananas has been launched by the Welsh Government to increase the food recycling rate by 50 per cent. Wales has already recycled almost half of its food waste and aims to do more. The idea behind ‘banana’ being the themes is the fact that 240,000 tonnes of Banana Skin which…

Prebiotics in your diet can give you proper sleep

Prebiotics are those food items that are not easily digested. These, however, are healthy and are also responsible for healthy digestion. A new study has shown that prebiotics can also give proper sleep. In case you were wondering, these are found in food items like raw onions, raw garlic, leek, cooked onions and much more….