KFC gives customers a chance to unlock the legendary taste of ‘Nashville Chicken’ using the power of their minds!

Ever wanted to be a Jedi and move things with your mind? KFC India has just the thing for you. Introducing ‘Tele-connect to Nashville” – an on-ground experience that gave consumers a chance unlock the legendary taste of KFC Nashville Chicken by using just their minds!

An on-ground event in Mumbai, saw chicken lovers queue up to show their love for KFC Nashville and test the power of their concentration.

Here’s how it worked: All consumers had to do was wear Neurosky – a mind reading headset that tracks a person’s brain waves to monitor concentration. The gadget measured their concentration on a scale of 1-100 and once the concentration crossed the threshold of 100 – the connected treasure box opened automatically to reward them with some finger lickin’ goodness – a year’s free supply of KFC, KFC gift cards or a chance to taste the latest global food trend – Nashville Chicken. One lucky guy even won himself a flight ticket to Nashville, USA.

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