Do you know why Twinkies started using Vanilla flavoured fillings?


The people who have not enjoyed the heavenly experience of eating Twinkies will clearly be low in number.

When it comes to such popular and tasty food items, we often indulge in them and barely bother about the history they have.

The same happens with Twinkies.
The vanilla flavoured filling of the Twinkies are a delicacy but before this, they had Banana flavoured fillings. Do you know why the Twinkies shifted to Vanilla flavoured fillings?

It was because of the World War 2. The war came as a blessing in disguise for Twinkies. The whole Banana trade came to a halt due to the war and as an alternative, vanilla flavoured filling were used.

It went on to become a huge hit and this is one piece of history that all Twinkie lovers should be aware of.

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