The amount of packaged food that UK eats will shock you


In the busy life that we lead every day, it’s not surprising that we consume a lot of packaged food items rather than fresh ones.

Certain numbers, however, can be shocking. The amount of packaged food that the people in UK consume is something similar. According to latest stats, UK eats almost four times as much packaged food as it does freshly produced ones.

However, with packaged food being a health concern, it’s not a stat that UK could be proud of.

“Sadly, processed, packaged foods tend to be less healthy. Better profits can be made from products with a long shelf-life and that can be formulated and branded as a commercial commodity. Fresh and perishable foods have a tough time competing with processed, additive-laden, brightly-packaged products. The logic of mass production means that the least healthy foods will often be the cheapest, and will be widely promoted in lower-income urban areas.”  said Dr Tim Lobstein, director of policy at the World Obesity Federation.

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