Here is why you should not start your day with tea or coffee


Kick starting the day with a cup of strong coffee or tea is a must for many people out there. It usually gets them going for the day but according to nutritionists and doctors, this might not be a good idea.

A nutritionist from India, Pooja Makhija stated the following.

“Never start your day with caffeine – be it coffee or tea. Caffeine should not be the first thing that you give your body on an empty stomach. You need to line your stomach with some solids before you take caffeine else it may trigger the stomach acids and wreck havoc with your digestion through the day. Pick up that glass of fresh juice or even better a bowl of fruits or simply sip some warm water to kick-start your system.”

Not only this, starting the day with tea could dehydrate your body, erode oral health and cause many other problems as well.

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