This is what happens when a fly lands on your food


Ever wondered what happens to our food when a fly lands on it?

We have come across such situations far too many times but not all of us understand the gravity of the situation. Ignorance is the usual emotion that pokes up when a fly comes in, but it’s about time that we started thinking otherwise.

On an average, the fly carries around 200 forms of bacteria which are harmful to us. Apart from this, they leave fly-vomit on the food that they land on. This is because the fly cannot chew so they eject digestive enzymes on the food they want to eat.

“They only need to touch your food for a second for their legs or the tiny hairs all over their bodies to transfer germs from all those nasty things they eat onto what you are eating,” noted Ron Harrison, an entomologist and technical services director at Orkin pest control.

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