Here is how you can know if the food in the freezer has gone bad or not


Extending the shelf-life of our food is often done by keeping them in the freezer. However, if we push the limits, then even the food items kept in freezers can also end up going bad.

But how do we know if the food inside our freezer is good to use or not?

Well, there are certain things that you can notice. First of all, the smell: if you think that the smell if a bit off, it’s better not to use the food after all.

Another thing you should consider is when you kept that certain food in the freezer. If you cannot remember the exact date and you think it’s been there for a long time, better to throw away than risk it.

Lastly, notice how the textures are changing. Vegetables might turn slimy and dull after being kept in the freezer. Although they will be safe to eat, they won’t taste perfect. As for chicken, a  change in texture means you should think about avoiding it.

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