Game of Thrones fan? Here’s an important thing about food on the show

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you were probably spell bound by the last episode that came out. Named the ‘Spoils of the War’, the fourth episode of Season Seven was arguably one of the best episodes of the series due to various reasons.

But there is a fact about the episode that most fans are missing and it relates to food [Spoilers Ahead].

In the last episode, we got to see Daenerys burning through the Lannisters in a Great War scene. In the end, it was a happy ending for the Mother of Dragon, she might be facing a huge problem now: Shortage of Food.

While people are concerned about the upcoming invasion of White Walkers and the ongoing war, they are practically running out of food ahead of the long winter.

Drogon burned the food that Lannisters were carrying to Kings Landing in the last episode even though the gold reached its destination. But people in King’s Landing cannot eat gold right? So essentially, Kings Landing has no food ahead of a long winter.

The North has a similar situation. In the previous episode, it was noted that Winterfell has only enough food for one year. And we all know that winter will not end in one year.

The situation of Danny, however, is not clear. But considering that the food from The Reach was destroyed, The Mother of Dragon might fail to find food for her army as well.

So while we are discussing all the permutations and combinations, we need also keep in mind that food is as important to the show as fire breathing dragons are.

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