Want whiter and stronger teeth? Try these food items

Keeping your teeth healthy is important as it is one of the factors that decide how much you can enjoy the food you eat. And for the foodies out there, the importance of dental health cannot be stressed enough.

And this is why you should try adding food items that aid in developing healthier and stronger teeth. Experts claim that vitamin A, D, K2 and E are important for your teeth while faulty dietary choices can cause major issues.

Keeping away acidic foods is also important.

“Acidic food will harm the enamel of the teeth – the protective layer of the teeth – making them look pale and dirty. Alkaline foods strengthen the enamel and make your teeth look shiny and bright. Alkaline foods must be eaten raw. Uncooked and unprocessed items are best for your oral health. Stay away from processed and refined products,” shared Dietitian Lokendra Tomar to NDTV.

Eating food items such as apples, strawberries, spinach, carrots and seeds are recommended as well.

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