Using coconut oil to make food? Here’s why you should be concerned

The American Heart Association has come out with an advisory that suggests you to cut down on the usage of coconut oil in food. The advisory point out that coconut oil contains about 82 percent of saturated fat in it. To get a hang of things, it’s higher than beef fat, pork lards and butter.

The presence of saturated fat increases the LDL Cholesterol levels and may contribute to cardiovascular diseases.

“The majority of the evidence, from both observational and intervention studies, supports the recommendation to replace saturated fat, that fat found in animal products, meat and dairy, with unsaturated fat, found in liquid plant oils such as soybean and canola oils. Coconut oil is a plant oil, but it falls into a special class, termed ‘tropical oils.’ Tropical oils are high in saturated fat. Hence, the best advice we can give is to replace coconut oil with other plant oils.” The report says.


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