Love eating seafood? You might be eating plastic too

If you constantly consume seafood, you might be in for a shocker. A new study has shown that people who eating seafood regularly might ingest up to 11,000 pieces of plastic a year.

The worst part is that these tiny bits of plastic gets embedded into the body tissues and remains for a long time causing health risks. The microplastics, which are found in tiny beads of toiletries, cosmetics and other products are the major cause of the problem.

Around five trillion pieces of microplastic are in the world’s ocean now and the number is on the rise as well.

“Seabirds with stomachs full of plastic waste and turtles entangled in plastic bags have become symbols of the marine litter problem, but the impact at the smaller, less visible scale may be even more severe, and science is only just beginning to explore this problem.” A spokesperson noted.

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