Instagram is getting filled up with pink lettuce


Food items that are worthy of being posted on Instagram end up trending easily these days. The latest addition to this list is the pink salad. A Pink chicory called Radicchio Del Veneto is showing up all over the social media platform these days due to it’s visual appeal.

This pink variety of radicchio is usually grown in Italy but can also be found in the United States. If you haven’t guessed already, what appeals the foodies is the bright pink color which in turn results in excellent photos. They are primarily used in salads by restaurants and the pink color stands out from the rest and ensures that it’s a visual treat. You can see some photos of this new trend below.

They’re calling this pink lettuce in culinary circles. It’s radicchio and is actually a type of #chicory! 📸and styling by Sarah Phillips @food 💗It’s Radicchio del Veneto — also called La Rosa del Veneto — a pink chicory mostly grown in the Veneto region of Italy but now cultivated in California, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere. While everyday radicchio (the Italian word for chicory) is available year-round, many more complex varieties emerge in the late winter and early spring. The radicchio is “forced,” meaning it’s grown for a certain amount of time and harvested in the fall, replanted, and grown in the dark, often covered by sand, so sunlight doesn’t reach the stem. Source 💗#uglyproduceisbeautiful #uglyproduce #heresmyfood #radicchio #radicchiodelveneto #pinklettuce #sarahphillipsfoodart #heresmyfood #dscolor #dsfloral #italian #pink #pinkroses #pesticidefreeflowers #heritageproduce #italian #foodstyling #foodphoto #gatheringslikethese #musingsmagazine #raddichio

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