Why you should have a glass of milk every day


From a young age itself, we are aware of the health benefits of drinking milk. It’s a perfect source of nutrients that our body needs and drinking a glass of milk every day should be practiced due to the following reasons.

  • The Protein content: Cow’s milk is rich in protein which we only get through the meat. So if you are a vegetarian, the protein intake that you don’t get from meat can be compensated with the help of milk.
  • A daily dose of Calcium: Milk has a positive impact on our bones due to the presence of calcium also; it’s good for pregnant women as well. The teeth also get a natural shield when milk is consumed regularly.
  • Low Fat: The best part about cow’s milk is that it’s low in fat. So, you manage to get all the proteins that you need and at the same time, you don’t put on unwanted pounds.
  • Vitamins: Cow’s milk contains various vitamins like Vitamin A and vitamin D. Mixing milk with some fruits and consuming as shake can also be considered.

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