How safe is it to store peeled onions?


When using onions, we often end up storing them after peeling. This is usually an easy way that we figure out but it’s an unhealthy decision. Keeping peeled onions outside can make it exposed to potential bacteria growth.

It is usually advised to cut them only if you want to cook them.

“Bacteria contaminate onions once exposed and if they are left as it is, they may get oxidized further leading to a host of health problems. It is advised to cut them only when you want to cook them.” A nutritionist from India notes.

Keeping it in the refrigerator is also not a good idea as it can lead to decay.

“When you cut onions, the cell walls are disrupted; water and fluids are released, which may contain nutrients that promote bacteria growth. If you refrigerate peeled onions, the cold and humid temperature may make them soggy and lead to decay due to the combined process of bacteria growth and decay.” He adds.

So next time you cut an onion, make sure that you are using it completely without storing.

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