The secret behind Indian tradition of sprinkling water around food


India is a land of many traditional practices. Not only are these practices a major part of the Indian culture, but they also have a huge role in the Indian cuisine.

Sprinkling water around food is one such traditional practice followed in most parts of India. While the exact reason behind the same is not clear, there are some theories which are believable.

Some believe that the tradition started in order to make the dust and mud around the food to settle down. As the houses in ancient times had a raw floor made from mud, it makes sense to sprinkle water around the food to avoid all the dust going into your food.

Another theory involves water keeping insects away from the food. The water apparently blocks insects and ants from entering into the food if sprinkled.

The most believable reason, however, is how water neutralizes the acidity in the food. Indian food contains a lot of spices and in turn, acidic content. Water has the ability to neutralize this. At the same time, the taste will not be altered as well.

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