Insect ice cream is trending again, would you eat them?


Australia is seeing a rise in the popularity of insect ice creams. The concept of eating insects has been there for a long time and many scientists and researchers have backed this idea as well. The nutritional value of insects clubbed with the skyrocketing malnutrition rates even made the scientists suggest that insects could be the super food of the future.

Some restaurants in Australia are putting his concept into practice by rolling out insect ice creams. They are even offering different flavours to combat the summer this time around.

Flavours include Scurry Berry (blueberry and raspberry ice-cream with a mix of insect bites), Choc Hopper (chocolate ice-cream with grasshopper chunks), Strawberries and Swirls (strawberry ice-cream with meal-worm swirls), and Nutritious Neapolitan (strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice-creams with mixed critters).

So considering all the hype and nutritional value, would you try insect Ice Cream?

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