Does protein shakes or bars act as a replacement for meals?


People in the pursuit of weight loss make many sacrifices. They end up giving up on many food items and grind hours in the gym to shed the pounds.

Not only this, people substitute their meals with protein shakes or bars as they are under the impression that these shakes or bars have the ability to speed up the weight loss.

But the truth is: these bars or shakes should only be consumed as a supplement to the daily meals. This is according to nutritionists.

“Although protein shakes or bars can lead to weight loss, they have to be taken as a supplement to the food consumed on a daily basis. They supplement the existent nutrients that come from your daily diet,” a nutritionist from India notes.

So it’s ideal to consume the shakes and bars alongside your daily meals rather than treating them as a complete replacement so that you have a balanced and healthy diet.

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