What dietary habits should you follow for fatty liver?


Fatty liver is the condition when the fat stored in the liver is more than five to ten per cent of your liver’s weight, this is usually caused when the fat and carbohydrates consumed is more than what your liver can process.

Though it is a condition that can be reversed by changing one’s lifestyle and diet, it should be figured out at an early stage. So if you are diagnosed with fatty liver, there are some dietary habits that could help you.

“The best way to manage a fatty liver condition is to reduce processed foods, especially those high in sugar. Similarly cutting back on flour and white sugar can help. Obviously, reducing or eliminating the intake of alcohol, which is nothing but sugar also helps. Eating plenty of good quality fruits and vegetables provides adequate nutrition to your body and also help you reduce the amount of fat. Finally, managing your calorie intake ensures that your energy requirement is in balance and the excess food is not stored as fat in and around your body.” Indian nutritionist Ritesh Bawri notes.

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