KFC is now offering a cute Royal Wedding themed bucket


KFC is keeping up with the Royal Wedding in their own style. The food chain has come out with a new commemorative bucket to celebrate the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle. The new bucket is said to be ‘lavish and regal’ in its design and is touted to be one of the fanciest fried chicken buckets.

The Royal Wedding is being celebrated by the entire world

“When we discovered Prince Harry proposed over a roast chicken, we simply had to show our support for the big occasion,” a KFC spokesperson noted in a statement.

Apart from this, the bucket will also pay tribute to the British and American Flags.

“Featuring resplendent gold flourishes, the bucket is embellished with a classic regal crest, proudly adorned with both British and American flags,” KFC notes.

There’s, however, a catch to the whole thing. Only 50 of these buckets will be available exclusively from KFC’s Windsor branch on Dedworth road. So get there and raise a bucket for the new royal couple.

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