Use this easy trick to avoid food wastage


Food wastage is a problem that’s always on the rise. Shopping without knowing the actual need is one of the major reasons for this. While there are many other reasons that need to be curbed for reducing food wastage, we can keep a control on wastage through shopping with a simple trick.

There’s an easy trick with which you can reduce food wastage

All you have to do is: Don’t shop when you are hungry.

When you shop hungry, you tend to buy more things that you don’t need. This, in turn, leads to more food wastage.

“Don’t shop hungry, that’s the easiest way to overbuy. I also recommend going to the store with a plan, whether you’re shopping for two days or for the week, and think about what you’re going to be making over the next few days and how you can extend the use of ingredients,”  says Top Chef Masters champ and restaurateur Chris Cosentino.

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