Struggling for food: Here’s a shocking fact about households in United States


In a shocking new study, it was revealed that around 43% of households in the United States struggle to meet the expenses related to food and rent. Almost all of these households do not earn enough to afford their monthly budget.

Are households in the United States struggling to meet basic needs?

That’s around 51 million households inexact numbers.

“It is concerning for all of us. Everybody should have access to food,” one of the authors noted.

Meanwhile, another expert in the matter noted that it’s a reality that the United States should accept.

“I think that’s a huge number, but I think it’s a reality. It’s one that we don’t talk about and we don’t think about. We think of it being in other countries that it’s like that, but it’s like that here,” she noted.

Many states are running programs to feed families and so far, they have been successful as well. However, the number of families they are feeding every day are on the rise.

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