Look good in your 60s: Makes these two changes in your diet


What changes can you make in your diet to look good in your old age?

It’s a tough question. Looking good in your old age is as important as looking good in your heydays. But as mentioned, it is easier said than done.

Drinking plenty of water can keep your skin nourished and slows down the ageing

A healthy smile in the 60s is a result of many sacrifices and a whole lot of healthy habits. And if you want to look good in your 60s, there are certain things that you should avoid as well. So what are they?

Avoid junk food: You might not have many problems during youth due to junk food but it has the ability to completely change your digestive system. It slows down the process of breaking down sugar and this, in turn, will cause problems in your 60s.

Drink plenty of water: Proper water intake keeps you hydrated. Also, it helps to nourish your skin and makes it last longer. Your skin will be less prone to wrinkles and related problems if you drink plenty of water and keep it in a healthy condition. It also slows down the ageing of your skin.

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