3 Food items that make your stomach bloat


A bloated stomach is something that we all want to avoid. While some people resort to exercises to keep it under control, others make modifications to their diet. But still, most people might not get the results they want.

There is a reason for this. There are some food items which make your stomach bloat and along with exercise and diet, it is important to avoid these as well. We are listing down three such food items below.

  • Gum: Gum has the ability to screw up your digestive system since you are swallowing a lot of air. This leaves you feeling bloated. Sugar-free gums are even worse as they have chemicals which impacts gut bacteria.
  • Dairy Products: Products such as milk, cheese, yoghurt and ice cream has lactose which is hard to digest for more people. It’s better to consume these in moderation due to this reason.
  • Beans and Lentils: While they are loaded with proteins, beans and lentils also have sugar called oligosaccharide. This sugar is known to bloat up your belly due to the impact it has on gut bacteria.

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