Have high cholesterol? You should eat these food items everyday


Keeping an eye on your cholesterol levels should be one of your priorities when going for a medical check-up. High cholesterol is linked to many health concerns and gulping down medicines to cure the same should be your last resort.

As an alternative to all the pills, you can modify your diet in order to keep the levels under your control. All you have to do is include the following food items in your daily diet.

  • Oatmeal: The presence of soluble fibre makes oatmeal a perfect food for people with high cholesterol levels. The soluble fibre is known to reduce the levels and if required properly, it could be delicious as well.
  • Fish: The Omega-3 fat present in the fish helps your body deal with the situation. Our body is not able to produce Omega-3 fats on its own so it is important to consume fish to cover up.
  • Nuts: Nuts have unsaturated fats just like fish. Instead of munching on potato chips or chicken wings, you can take up nuts as an alternative and see the results as well.

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