These are the best pre-workout food items


Getting your body ready for a workout session is essential if you want to reap complete benefits from the session. Everyone would have their own pre-workout routines but most of the time, people tend to overlook the importance of eating before a workout.

Pre-workout food items not only give your body a boost ahead of all the hard work but it also helps you reach your goals. So what are the best pre-workout food items? We list a few below.

  • Bananas: Bananas are a great source of natural sugar and carbohydrates. It also contains potassium which helps you recover from fatigue and tiredness.
  • Chicken, Rice and Vegetables: This is a classic and most popular pre-workout meal. It combines lean protein and complex carbohydrates to give you the amino acids and energy required for muscle growth.
  • Fruit Smoothies: Though they are loaded with sugar, Fruit smoothies are great when consumed as a pre-workout meal. The large number of calories they give would come in handy when working out.

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