Reduce Diabetes Risk: Make these changes to your diet


Keeping diabetes away should be one of your priorities if you are looking for a long and healthy life. This, however, is easier said than done.

Fortunately for us, there are some easy things that could be done to keep the condition away. And we are going to list down some of them below.

  • Eat plenty of fibre: Adding plenty of fibre in your diet helps you reduce the chances of developing the condition. It also results in a happier body and improves your blood sugar levels.
  • Limit added sugar: Too much sugar is always a reason for diabetes. Drinking one or more sugar-sweetened beverage each day can increase the risk. So it is better to keep them away.
  • Eat the right fats: Replacing saturated and trans fat in your diet with unsaturated fat can reduce the risk by a huge margin. In simple words, eating plant-based sources like avocado, olive oil and nuts are recommended.

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