Dehydrated? Eat these food items for instant relief


Summer is here and it’s important to avoid getting dehydrated. Drinking plenty of water is one of the tricks you can employ. Apart from this, you can include certain food items in your diet as well for instant relief.

So what are these food items? We list some of them below:

  • Bananas: The loss of potassium from your body is one of the major reasons for dehydration. Bananas are rich in potassium and thus its intake helps you cover up for the loss.
  • Coconut Water: Just like bananas, Coconut water has a high content of potassium. Not only this, coconut water also has high sodium levels.
  • Cucumber: Cucumber has 95 per cent water content and this makes it one of the best hydrating food items. Cucumber also has high vitamin C content which helps in proper functioning of the body.

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