Genetically Modified Food: How Labels cause less panic

In this modern day and age, technology has influenced every field present in our life including the food industry.  With the advent of genetically modified food products, people have started panicking. One of the major questions asked is whether the food will affect us in the long run.


The increase in peoples concerns over GMO had led to the need of adding labels to GMO products. Many organizations such as American Academy of Sciences were against labelling them. They said that labelling them will only scare the customers away and in turn decrease the potential market.

Surprisingly though, the addition of labels caused the customers to remain calm about their food choices and what they intended to buy at supermarkets. Statistics even showed that 19 per cent of customers were less opposed to GMO products compared to the time they were not labelled. This only proves that transparency is the best way to gain the trust of your customers.


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