What summer heat can do to your picnic food

As the summer approaches, we tend to want to be outside and enjoy the weather. A relaxing picnic on a Sunday would be on the menu every time  the season arrives.  Barbeques, sandwiches, drinks, light-hearted conversations and soaking in the sun is everyone’s picnic dream.

While planning a picnic there is a food safety concern everyone should keep in mind. While cooking and eating at home, one knows well enough that you need to eat the food in about 2 to 4 hours before the food goes bad. What you may not have known is that the heat can make the food go bad even faster.


According to a new research it is recommended to eat the food within an hour while out on a picnic. So make sure you pack some coolers. Drinks, fruits and vegetable salads should always be kept in the cooler. But if you are doing a BBQ, then make sure you eat it within an hour or place it in the cooler for later use.

Remember to wash your hands before you eat. The heat and sweat may cause a lot more germs than usual.  So keep the summer sick free by remembering just this simple fact.

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