How to consume things you never knew you could eat

We still find new things every day. Some of them might even be right before our eyes waiting to be discovered. Let me show you a few things you never knew you could eat before.  I promise you that you will never look at them the same way again.

vegetable peels
  • Egg shells: Boil organic eggshells and crush them to a powder. They are a good supplement of calcium.
  • Avocado Seeds: Instead of tossing the seed out, put in the oven. You can then blend the dried avocado seeds. It can be put in yogurt and smoothies.
  • Chalk: Those beautiful colored and white chalk you grew up playing with are actually edible. Though no one would try to eat one, you would feel better that its safe for even toddlers to play with.
  • Dandelions: The striking yellow dandelions are edible as a whole. It can be used in decorations for a cake.
  • Vegetable peels: Here’s a new way to reduce waste. Wash the peels and toss them into boiling water with some herbs. You will end up with a nutritive vegetable stock.

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