Costco Food Court to revamp its menu by adding Healthy options

Costco food court is famous for its hot dog combo and large pepperoni pizza’s.  I always crave for a churro when I go to Costco. Just as you noticed, the food served is all junk.

Hence Costco has decided to vamp up the food court with new healthy eats.  Healthier options including açai fruit bowls, organic burgers and a plant-based protein salad (Al Pastor Salad).

food court-hot-dog

The Polish hot dog is going away from most of the Costco stores in Seattle. But don’t worry, the Costco’s signature hot dog combo is still on the menu. This speciality is as old as Costco itself and the prices have remained constant for many years. This hot dog is being sold with a soda for a dollar and fifty cents.


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