Pizza Hut just gave out free pizza for life to this person

Who doesn’t love Pizza Hut? It’s would be a dream to get unlimited pizzas for free for a whole lifetime! I’ve even heard a friend say, “Something that’s free tastes even better”.

Pizza Hut has offered to give pizzas for life to a certain person. Have you guessed who? It’s none other than England’s national football manager  Gareth Southgate.

Pizza Hut-slice-food

It doesn’t matter that the team lost in the world cup. They had gotten in this far and deserve to be treated with an extra-large slice of pizza by the manager. There is no better way to cheer up the team.

 “Along with the nation, we are incredibly proud of the England football team and how they have delivered for us so far. To celebrate, Pizza Hut Delivery is excited to gift our old acquaintance Gareth Southgate free pizza for life – something we hope he can share and enjoy with his team upon returning to the UK!” – Beverley D’Cruz, Sales and Marketing Director at Pizza Hut Delivery UK.

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