Amazon is planning to make people eat better through these methods

One of the solutions to decrease obesity is to make people eat better. Cheap food also comes across a way to unhealthy food.  So what can the biggest food suppliers do to change their food habits?

This is the very question the Amazon is dwelling on. Amazon has owned Whole Foods for a year now. It’s down pricing all the fresh produce so as to make it affordable for common people.


Amazon has millions of consumers in hand with its various applications like Amazon Prime. When food becomes one major aspect of the business, they can utilize their consumer’s information on food and health.

The most ambitious option  is for Amazon to start by developing a web-based portal for its own employees, as well as for people who work at JPMorgan and Berkshire. There the company can promote meal kits, meal plans, recipes, grocery delivery options and even subsidies on fresh groceries for people at risk or suffering from a chronic disease like hypertension or diabetes. – Langheier, CEO of Zipongo

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