Did you know about this fifth sense of taste?

When you take a bite of food, what do you taste? Is it bitter, sweet, salty or sour? How about savory? This is one sense you probably didn’t know was considered as a taste. This is also known as Umami- the fifth taste.

We are able to perceive this taste due to the glutamic acid present in our food. A common glutamic acid that is found in our food is MSG. It has been a long debate about whether the use of MSG in food has harmful effects on our health or not. Umami food can contain fish, mushroom, chicken, cheese and more.


But this is what recent research has shown.  It seems that a savory starter before a meal helps you make better food choices. Your gaze will become more focused during the meal. It will increase self-control and inhibitory control.

If it can help you make better food choices,  Is it really dangerous as we thought it would be?


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