Are Home Canned Foods causing health risks? Find out

We preserve our favorite foods to enjoy the seasonal flavors all year round. Those colorful jars of cherries, peaches, and jams make a pretty view on your cupboard.

But are these home canned food causing health risks? It seems that these canned goods may be contaminated by a dangerous bacteria and you have to prevent them from being borne.

So you have to make sure that you can the food right. Or else a germ that called botulism will conquer your canned food. In turn, it will cause serious illness that can affect your nerves, paralysis, and even death.


The recommended way of canning food is to use a pressure canner. Pressure canning is the only recommended for canning vegetables, meat, poultry, and seafood. Also, keep an eye on the gauge of the pressure canner. It must be accurate.

To know whether your canned food is contaminated. Check if the can is swollen, broken or squirts foam when opened. If the food has mold and looks distorted, then it is contaminated.  If you find a jar that is contaminated, throw it away quickly, and do not taste it. Clean the spot quickly with bleach.

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