Can ‘lab-grown meat’ be called meat?

The debate of lab-grown meat is on. Many people shy away from cultured meat. They assume it not natural and hence dangerous to eat. But it is actually safe to eat.

The manufacturers believe that if they can label the cultured food as meat then the potential market will decrease. But the FDA will not allow any misleading labels to be put on food. Transparency is I believe the best way to sell the products to customers.


So the real question is ‘What can be called meat?’.  Here’s what the American Meat Science defines meat. Meat is any muscle or tissue derived from an animal. Edible offal consisting of organs and non-skeletal muscle tissues are also considered meat.

Technically cultured meat is grown with real meat cells by injecting nutrients into them. So technically isn’t it meat? I believe what Josh Tetrick, CEO of Just had to say about it was true.

“If it’s not called meat, well then less people will eat it. You want to encourage people to eat something that is more environmentally responsible, that has better implications for society.”

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