Healthy trends: How food labels are used to fight obesity

As a nation, we should move forward together to find solutions to a general public problem. Obesity is one of them.  So what can the food industries do to help make a change?

Labels! Lot’s of countries are opting to label food to make it easier for people to make healthy choices. Some governments have now mandated laws to print out the what exactly might be lurking in the seductive bags of unhealthy mouth-watering treats.

If a food packet was screaming “Don’t eat me, I’m filled with calories”, you will think twice before you buy that product. France has color-coded labels from green to red to signify its nutritional quality.


Even Australia’s voluntary labeling program has started to assign foods with stars. From one to five, these stars indicate their relative nutritional value. Furthermore, these labels are printed on the front.

Labels in the US only have nutritional information in the back, that needs some prior knowledge of servings and calories to break down the data to whether the product is healthy or not. Labeling them can truly pave the way to a life minus the obesity.

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