Ghost kitchens: What Ordering food from virtual restaurants feels like

Lots of people have for convenience started been ordering food from home. We all have those lazy nights where you want to watch your favourite tv shows while biting into a slice of pizza.

With an increase in popularity of food delivery apps such as Uber Eats, restaurants have and food chains have taken on to a new trend too. They have started to create Ghost kitchens.

A ghost kitchen is not really a new term in the united states but its popularity has increased only now. Hence countries like Canada are now adopting this virtual method. These restaurants aren’t then normal ones you see.


They don’t take up much space. No tables or customers will be seen in sight. They are mainly walk-up windows where you can order food and take them away. So with the advent of food delivery apps, these chains are booming.

“Opening a brand new restaurant is risky and expensive and we are helping them spin a new delivery-only restaurant out of their existing kitchen in a way that is likely to succeed given our data shows there is demand for it” – Uber Eats program manager Elyse Propis

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