Parent Alert: How to avoid additive chemicals in children’s food

A new debate is on the rise about the health risks concerned with children’s food. A group of paediatricians has raised their voice to chemicals added in food and food packaging. These chemicals are potentially harmful and can cause obesity, puberty issues, and other health problems.


A child’s body is still in development. These chemicals affect them more than adults. Hence all the more need to be safe from such products. Sometimes additives are added to food but sometimes they leach into the food from the can or packaging.

Here’s what parents are supposed to do:

  1. Eat only fresh vegetables.
  2. Avoid plastic containers, instead, use glass or stainless steel ones.
  3. Never put plastic in a microwave or dishwasher.
  4. Trim down on processed foods.
  5. Wash hands thoroughly before handling or eating food.

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